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Case Studies

Cafe & Catering Owner

Graphic Designer


Marketing Consultant


Working in the restaurant business is a 24/7 job.  My accounting responsibilities began with basic bookkeeping tasks. Over time I have helped the business owner delegate more of the financial responsibilities so that she can focus on her growing business.  Meals tax filings, signing checks, making bank deposits, and reporting payroll are just a few responsibilities that I've acquired over the past year. Now her customers get more of her attention, and she's been able to have all of the business information she needs right at her fingertips.

This project came to me from a business owner calling out an SOS.  The two person  graphic  design house had two years of bad luck with hiring bookkeepers that did not keep their books in order.  At the end of the year, they needed assistance to reconcile all of the billing/AR/banking. I had one month to figure out what went wrong in the prior years, how to fix it, and make the necessary adjustments before handing over the results to their CPA, all from 1,500 miles away.  It was a great way to learn about their annual business cycle, and have an opportunity to make a clean start for the new year!

After having the same bookkeeper for over 20 years, this consultant was looking for a new accountant he could trust with his well established accounting system.  There was a 14 month backlog of entries to account for, but the work enabled me to get a very good sense of how his business operated. Together, we got his accounts up-to-date and his CPA has been able to file his taxes.  He can now operate his business with the peace of mind that he has his financial house in order, and has me to carry on with my predecessor's work.

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